Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

The main purpose of the BRU-IUL Working Paper series is to promote the dissemination of the scientific work produced by our members.

The submission guidelines for the our Working Paper series can be consulted here.

Our Working Paper series is listed in RePEc.


Year of publication Author
bruwp1205 Orlando Gomes, Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes and Tiago Neves Sequeira Exponential Discounting Bias
bruwp1204 Helena Soares, Tiago Neves Sequeira, Pedro Macias Marques, Orlando Gomes and Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes Social Infrastructure and the Preservation of Physical Capital: Equilibria and Transitional Dynamics
bruwp1203 Nuno Crespo, Sandrina B. Moreira and Nádia Simões An Integrated Approach for the Measurement of Inequality, Poverty and Richness
bruwp1202 Matteo Fragetta and Emanuel Gasteiger Fiscal Foresight, Limited Information and the Effects of Government Spending Shocks
bruwp1201 Maria Antónia Jorge de Jesus and Susana Margarida Jorge Governmental Accounting versus National Accounts: Implications of different accounting bases on EU member-States Central Government deficit/surplus



Scientific Coordinator: Henrique Monteiro
Administrative Coordinator: Rui Pinto
Research Group Coordinators:   Susana Tavares
Catarina Roseta Palma
Paula Vicente
Isabel Lourenço  
Luis Laureano
Nelson António
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