Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

The main purpose of the BRU-IUL Working Paper series is to promote the dissemination of the scientific work produced by our members.

The submission guidelines for the our Working Paper series can be consulted here.

Our Working Paper series is listed in RePEc.


Year of publication Author
bruwp1308 Nádia Simões, Nuno Crespo, Sandrina B. Moreira and Celeste A. Varum Measurement and Determinants of Health Poverty and Richness – Evidence from Portugal
bruwp1307 Nebojsa S. Davcik The Use And Misuse Of Structural Equation Modeling In Management Research
bruwp1306 Sérgio Moro, Paulo Cortez and Raul M. S. Laureano A data mining approach for bank telemarketing using the rminer package and r tool
bruwp1305 Nuno Crespo, Nádia Simões and José Duarte Competition in tourism arrivals – A multidimensional index of geographical structural similarity
bruwp1304 Maria Antónia de Jesus, Raul M. S. Laureano and Daniel A. Fernandes Evaluation of websites from an accountability perspective: Applying to the Portuguese sports federations
bruwp1303 Panchapakesan, P. Antecedents of customer loyalty in medical tourism
bruwp1302 Emanuel Gasteiger Do heterogeneous expectations constitute a challenge for policy interaction?
bruwp1301 Nuno Crespo, Nádia Simões and José Castro Pinto Determinant factors of job quality in Europe
bruwp1207 José António Varela and Nelson António O Bem Comum e a Teoria dos Stakeholders
bruwp1206 Patricia L. Costa, Ana Passos and Arnold B. Bakker Team Work Engagement: Considering Team Dynamics for Engagement



Scientific Coordinator: Henrique Monteiro
Administrative Coordinator: Rui Pinto
Research Group Coordinators:   Susana Tavares
Catarina Roseta Palma
Paula Vicente
Isabel Lourenço  
Luis Laureano
Nelson António
Sandra Loureiro
José Dias Curto