Full-Time Researchers

Full-Time Researchers
Fct researcher

 Name: Jose Maria Leon-Perez

 Nationality: Spanish

 E-mail: Jose.Leon-Perez@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Training interventions and productivity-related outcomes; Work

 environment, interpersonal relationships, psychological strengths and employee 

 well-being (including work stress and burnout, workplace bullying and violence, conflict

 management and negotiation).

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Human Resources - 2011

 University: Universidad de Sevilla

 Thesis Title: Workplace bullying from a conflict management perspective


Biographical Note: Jose M. Leon-Perez is a full-time researcher at BRU and an invited lecturer at the Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior of the ISCTE Business School. Before joining the ISCTE in January 2012, he was PhD fellow at Universidad de Sevilla (2006-2011) and worked as HR consultant (2005-2012), particularly in the areas of recruitment and selection as well as work environment and occupational health assessment, which allowed him to conduct training interventions in several organizations too. In Sevilla he received a B.Sc. in Psychology (2005), a postgraduate professional certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (2006), a M.A.S. in Work and Organizational Psychology (2007), a M.Sc. in Human Resources Management (2008) and his Ph.D. in Human Resources (2011). He has also been visiting researcher at Manchester Business School (2009), Universitá di Bologna (2010), and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2014). As a result of these previous experiences, he has published in peer-reviewed journals like Journal of Business Ethics (how cultural factors influence perceptions of non-ethical behaviors at work such as workplace bullying), Journal of Managerial Psychology (conflict management strategies that may (de)escalate interpersonal conflicts into bullying at work), Journal of Interpersonal Violence (application of the latent class cluster technique for measuring prevalence of bullying at work), European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology (evidence of an improvement in productivity outcomes after conducting a quasi-experimental conflict management training intervention), Industrial Health (comparison of both the employees and their leaders’ evaluation of work-related stress), or Occupational Medicine (testing alternative theoretical explanations of the short and long-term consequences on well-being after being assaulted at work).


 Name: Nebojsa Davcik

 Nationality: Serbian

 E-mail: nebojsa.davcik@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Marketing, Branding

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Economics & Management - 2010

 University: University of Padova

 Thesis Title: Brand value drivers and performances: Evidence from the food industry


 Biographical Note: My name is Davcik and currently I am Assistant Researcher at BRU-IUL and an Invited Professor at the Department of Marketing, Operations and Mangement of the ISCTE Business School. I received my Ph.D. from University of Padova, Department of Economic Sciences “Marco Fanno”, in 2010. My research interests are related to broad field of brand and marketing management concepts, new products development paradigm as well as quantitative methods. Before I joined the Ph.D program at the University of Padova, I had worked as a market development consultant in the food industry for small and medium enterprises. I am an ad-hoc reviewer to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Economics and Management, European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Brand Management.


 Name: Padma Panchapakesan

 Nationality: Indian

 E-mail: padma.panchapakesan@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and

 Engagement, Adoption of Technology based Services, Design of Servicescapes

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Marketing and Management - 2009

 University: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

 Thesis Title: Service Quality Perceptions in Indian Hospitals


 Biographical Note: My name is Padma Panchapakesan. I hold a degree in Civil Engineering from University of Madras. I completed Master of Science by research (M.S.) in Management from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the area of Quality Management. After working for a year in software quality and testing, I joined for Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I graduated with a Ph.D. in the area of Marketing, especially in hospital service quality. I worked in financial services and IT firms for three years in marketing research and analytics, after which I joined ISCTE as Assistant Researcher. My main research interest is services marketing, especially customer satisfaction and loyalty in various industries such as healthcare, financial services, tourism and IT. During holidays, I enjoy swimming and explore the city of Lisbon.

 Name: Paulo Miguel Parente

 Nationality: Portuguese

 E-mail: paulo.miguel.parente@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Econometrics, Microeconometrics

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Economics (2007)

 University: University of Warwick

 Thesis Title: Essays on Generalised Empirical Likelihood



Biographical Note: Dr. Paulo Parente obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick (2007), an MSc in Economics from the Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2002) and a degree in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Business from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (1998).
Before joining the Business Research Unit (BRU-IUL) of Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) as a senior postdoctoral researcher in 2014, Dr. Parente  was an Assistant Professor at the University of Exeter, UK (2008-2014) and at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2007-2008), a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK (2006-2007) and a Researcher at the Instituto Nacional de Estatística (2000-2003), Portugal.
Dr. Parente research focuses primarily on econometrics, both in the subfields of time-series and microeconometrics. His research is devoted to the development of more reliable and robust econometric techniques that allow us to overcome the deficiencies of the methods that are currently used to analyse data. His research focuses on three major topics, which are inherently interlinked: improved methods for estimation and inference using the generalised method of moments estimator and related methods, quantile regression and mode regression, and resampling methods.
Dr. Parente has published on these topics in the following academic journals: The Econometrics Journal, Econometric Theory, Economics Letters, and Annual Review of Economic.


 Name: Silvia Dello Russo

 Nationality: Italian

 E-mail: silvia.dellorusso@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Work motivation, Performance Management, HRM practices

 and their effectiveness, Organizational commitment and job-related attitudes,

 Perception of the organizational context, Absenteeism.

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Organizational Psychology - 2008

 University: Sapienza University of Rome

 Thesis Title: Work Motivation and Job Performance


 Biographical NoteI received my PhD in Organizational Psychology from University of Rome “Sapienza”. Before joining ISCTE I was visiting post-doc researcher at Aston Business School, Birmingha, UK. In the last two years I have also been visiting researcher at Catholic University of Rome and WU University of Vienna.

Over the years I have worked as free-lance consultant, particularly in the area of HR development. This experience has contributed to my research interests and profile by triggering research questions that are practical and relevant for organizations.

My research has been published in such journals like: Journal of Vocational BehaviorApplied Psychology: An International ReviewInternational Public Management JournalEuropean Review of Applied PsychologyEuropean PsychologistJournal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

 Name: Szabolcs Sebestyén

 Nationality: Hungarian

 E-mail: Szabolcs.Sebestyen@iscte.pt  

 Research Interests: Financial econometrics, monetary policy, credit risk and

 credit markets, empirical asset pricing, high-frequency finance, Bayesian


 PhD Degree (scientific area): Economics (Specialisation: Time-series Econometrics, Empirical Finance)  - 2006

 University: University of Alicante- Spain

 Thesis Title: Price discovery in the euro area interest rate markets

 Biographical Note: I am a financial economist and am currently working as an assistant professor at ISCTE-IUL Business School. I hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Alicante, and my current research interests lie in CDS markets, with a particular focus on sovereign CDSs and on the relation between the credit and default risk of banks and their sovereigns. I am also strongly interested in monetary policy issues, and I am a fond of Bayesian econometrics.


 Name: Bernadett Koles

 Nationality: Hungarian


 Research Interests: Consumer behavior, compensatory consumption, social

 media, virtual worlds, consumer psychology, identity, cross-cultural studies.

 PhD Degree (scientific area) : Psychology - 2005

 University: Harvard University, USA

Thesis Title: Psychological basis of compensatory consumption

PhD Degree (scientific area): Marketing – in progress

University: Durham University, UK

Biographical Note: I received my Master and Doctorate degrees from Harvard University, and my Bachelor of Science from Indiana University in the field of Psychology. I am presently pursuing a second doctorate in Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Durham University in the UK. Prior to joining ISCTE – BRU in September, 2014, I have been a faculty member at Central European University for a number of years. My teaching portfolio includes courses in business psychology, decision-making and methodological topics, with more recent engagements in marketing and consumer behavior. I served as the Academic Director of two Undergraduate Programs of CEU Business School between 2005 and 2013, as well as participated in the founding and management of a research center. I have authored a number of scientific articles that appeared in international outlets, including Psychology & Marketing and Organizational Psychology Review, with my publications reflecting upon my multi-disciplinary background and expertise. My present research engagements focus on aspects of psychology and consumer behavior in both offline settings and in virtual environments, and I also serve as a regular reviewer for several international journals. I live in Cascais with my family, and enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures.

 Name: Mirko Antino

 Nationality: Italian

 E-mail: mirko.antino@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Organizational Behavior: Team Diversity, Multilevel diversity,

 Leadership. Methodological interests: Multilevel research, diary studies and applied

 measurement in OB

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Organizational Psychology - 2010

 University: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

 Thesis Title: Strategies to counteract the negative effects of team diversity

 Biographical Note: Mirko Antino is a researcher in the OB field at the department of Social Psychology and visiting professor (part-­‐time) at the department of Methodology of the Behavioral Sciences in Complutense University of Madrid. He received his PhD in Psychology at the same university, and a Master (half a PhD in the Spanish educational system) in Methodology for the Behavioural and Health Sciences at Autonoma University of Madrid (with UNED and UCM). During his degree he visited scholars at the Department of Human Resource Management of Tuebingen; in 2011 he visited Skema Business School for a post-doctoral fellowship and in 2012, he visited the University of Montpellier and ISCTE Business School (Lisbon). He has teaching experience in the field of OB and methodology (research methods, advanced research methods in OB field and statistics) at different levels (undergraduated Master and PhD).



 Name: Miguel Atanásio Carvalho

 Nationality: Portuguese

 E-mail: miguel.carvalho@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Microeconomic models, consumer behavior, health economics and

 innovation policy

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Economics - 2011

 University: Tilburg University

 Thesis Title: Essays in Behavioral Microeconomic Theory


 Biographical Note: Miguel Atanásio Carvalho is originally graduated in Physics at Instituto Superior Técnico.  A twist in his research interests lead him to a MSc in Economics, and later a MPhil and PhD at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands. The thesis, which was defended in 2011, called "Essays in Behavioral Microeconomic Theory" focused on deviations from the classic Expected Utility Decision Theory and some of its implications in the context of microeconomic models.
After his defense, he became a post-doc researcher at Católica Lisboa, where he worked as a microeconomist with researchers on other fields, namely consumer behavior, health economics and innovation policy.
He recently joined BRU-IUL as a post-doc researcher. He is now giving a microeconomic flavour to the project "Currency Competition, Leaders and Wars" under Alexandra Ferreira Lopes, with Emanuel Gasteiger and Teresa Sousa.


 Name: Susana Correia Santos

 Nationality: Portuguese

 E-mail: susana.santos@iscte.pt

 Research Interests: Entrepreneurship; opportunity recognition and exploitation;

 psychossocial aspects of entrepreneurship

 PhD Degree (scientific area): Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour - 2013

 University: ISCTE-IUL, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Thesis Title: Early stages in the entrepreneurship nexus: Business opportunities and individual characteristics


Biographical Note: Susana Correia Santos completed her PhD dissertation in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour at ISCTE-IUL, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Her main research interests are on the cognitive and psychosocial processes of entrepreneurship, at individual and team level. Susana has published in International Journals, such as Journal of Business Research; Journal of Entrepreneurship; Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Susana has also published a book in co-authorship and some chapters in National and International books. She frequently participates in different International Conferences, such as European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology; International Council for Small Business Conference; Entrepreneurship and Growth of Family Firms’ Conference, Entrepreneurship Summer University, among others; and was selected for the 2010 Management and Technology Entrepreneurship Institute at Brown University. Furthermore, Susana has experience in the organization of conferences and summer schools. Susana Pos Doc Project is entitled “Entrepreneurial teams: business opportunities, entrepreneurial competencies and sustainable innovations in a time perspective” (FCT Post Doc Grant) and aims to explore the processes and dynamics of entrepreneurial teams in a time-based approach.